My Latest Stitch Fix

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Stitch Fix is such a fun styling service and recently I had a $50 credit so I decided to order myself up a fix!  I mean who needs an excuse for more clothes, am I right?  I needed a combo of cold weather and warm weather clothes and luckily my fix hit the bill!  Out of the five items they sent me, I decided to keep all but two.  Here were the keepers!

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The Busy Girl Guide: My Stitch Fix Box

Hello all!  Happy Happy Hump Day!  I feel like the days are just flying by and I need a few more hours in each day!  I realize a lot of the services I use these days are geared towards helping me gain more time in my week by taking the load off me a bit.  I think more and more successful businesses are looking for ways to make our lives easier so we can enjoy doing things we love.  So I decided to round up these things and create a series (because what blogger doesn’t love a series!?) called The Busy Girl. It will not be a weekly series but more of a once in awhile type thing. 

girls guide

For my first installment I’ve got Stitch Fix.  I know I’ve talked about it before and you’ve probably even heard of it, but I had a really good experience recently so I’m bringing it back! Plus, a styling service with clothes delivered to my door?  Doesn’t get easier than that! 

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Stitch Fix and Swing Meets Street

Hi all! How is your week going? We have some crazy weather going on in NYC. Monday in the 60s and then Tuesday in the 40s! Maybe we could split the baby and just stay in the 50s? The change in weather has forced me to break out some winter clothes and get ready for the long haul until April/May (oh man I almost started to cry when I said that…). I don’t know about you but I’m pretty obsessed with my summer wardrobe. I have so many pretty sundresses in all different colors plus shorts and blouses and colorful jewelry. My fall and winter wardrobe is a little lacking in comparison. The demur colors don’t grab me as much and I think I forgo buying items as a result.

So, realizing I needed a little help, I decided to try out Stitch Fix.* If you are an avid blog reader, you probably have already heard of Stitch Fix. A lot of bloggers have tried it out and raved about. I was excited to give it a try too. For those of you who don’t know, Stitch Fix is a service where a stylist selects clothes for you and sends you items she or he thinks you will enjoy. You have four days to look over and try on the items. If you choose to keep any of them then you pay for them, otherwise you can return the whole kittencaboodle (or parts thereof). The styling fee is $20.

Stitch Fix 1

I received my Stitch Fix box last Tuesday and I was pretty excited to see the clothes inside! A lot of stripes (love!) and some cute things I wouldn’t normally choose. But I didn’t end up keeping anything. . . whomp whomp. Nothing fit me correctly. The clothes were all a little bit baggy or not quite right. I’m not sure why but I didn’t want to keep anything just because it didn’t fit. The blazer actually did fit but it was just too long and looked more like a suit blazer than a casual blazer. I also felt a little rushed because I got everything Tuesday night and had to return it on Friday during the day so I didn’t feel like I really had time to consider the items. Oh well, I’m willing to give them a try again and see if the next shipment is better!

Stitch Fix 2

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