A Day at Cape Cod Children’s Museum

Hello hello!  So let’s rewind almost a month ago now (seriously, where does February go!?) to our day at Cape Cod Children’s Museum.  Coops and I have been there before during the summer and I highly recommend it if you are spending any time on Cape Cod.  I was curious to find out how it would stand up to the winter months when less visitors are around.  We were pleased to see that it was just as great as the last time we visited.

The entrance fee is $9 per person, which is pretty inexpensive.  I was so excited to bring Coops because he had a ball the last time we were there.  This time it was like he remembered the place (although I’m not sure that is possible at 2) because he ran right in and straight over to the dinosaur table.  He has been pretty obsessed with dinosaurs lately since we saw them at the zoo and since I downloaded a fun dinosaur puzzle game onto the iPad.

We saw some of our old favorites like the big submarine, which is still really cool with all of its sights and sounds!

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A Day of Fun at the Boston Children’s Museum

Hello and how was your weekend?  We had a great weekend here!  I did a barre training this weekend to help hone my barre teaching skills.  It was really amazing!  What did you get up to?

Last week I met up with my brother, his baby and my cousin and her two boys to check out Boston’s Children’s Museum.  I vaguely remembered it from when I was a kid, but I was excited to become reacquainted with my little guy.

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