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You heard me right!  You can get HIIT the Barre e-book for FREE!  All you have to do is head over to HIIT the Barre ( and sign up with your email to get a free version of the e-book.  Experience the workouts and get to know the format with the free version.  

You’ll get three full-length workouts as part of the free e-book plus suggested playlists!

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New Videos + A New Site!

Hello and Happy Monday!  Awhile back I mentioned a new site for my online videos and I am excited to say that the site is up and running!  The new Brittany Bendall Fitness is here!

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Barre at the Beach: Mat Work

Hi all!  Happy Wednesday.  Btw, did you know yesterday was International Woman’s Day?  I hope you did something nice for a woman in you life!

Barre at the Beach- Mat Work

Do you remember waaaaay back when I posted Barre at the Beach: Standing Barre, well I completely forgot about part 2–Barre at the Beach: Mat Work!  What was I thinking!?  Luckily I was scrolling through my photos and remembered!  This one is a goodie!  All you need is a mat (beach is optional!).

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No Equipment Barre Workout {New Year Reset Challenge}

This no equipment barre workout is the perfect at-home workout.  All you need is your own bodyweight!

Hello!  How are you?  This week has been a whirlwind and I can’t believe it is already Thursday!  I went from lying on the couch not leaving the house for a week when I was sick to full speed ahead with playdates, pilates classes, workouts, lunches, coffees and more.  How has your week been?

As promised!  Two workouts in one week!  This one is a no equipment barre workout and I promise you will love it.

No Equipment Barre Workout

I love this workout so much because you really truly can do it anywhere (even by the pool!) and it is a great burner.  I’ve given you suggested reps for each exercise but if you are really looking to up the burn factor, you can do this workout a second time!

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HIIT the Barre™ {New Year Reset Challenge}

This HIIT the Barre workout combines High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with traditional barre moves for an amped up barre workout. Expect to blast calories while toning up your whole body.

As promised!  This is workout 1 this week due to last week’s sickness.  I love this one because while I often find that some barre workouts can provide good cardio benefits, I would definitely never classify a barre class as a “cardio” class.  This HIIT the Barre workout is definitely cardio.  It combines High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with traditional barre moves.  So although most barre workouts are low-impact, this one actually adds a bit of impact to rev the heart rate up and get in that cardio.  It is tough!

HIIT the Barre

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