New Videos + A New Site!

Hello and Happy Monday!  Awhile back I mentioned a new site for my online videos and I am excited to say that the site is up and running!  The new Brittany Bendall Fitness is here!

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Best Barre Workouts At Home

Hi all!  Hope you are all enjoying barre week and the roundup of the Best Barre Studios from yesterday.  Today I wanted to provide an update on the guide I created two years ago about the Best Barre Workouts At Home.  When I made the list two years ago, I was relying solely on DVDs but these days, DVDs are kind of becoming old fashioned and the newest format to take the fitness world by storm are online videos.  BUT there are still some amazing DVDs out there so I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite DVDs and online classes to give you guys the best of the best (as if I would offer anything less).  Today we will be focusing on the Best Online Barre Classes and tomorrow we’ll be discussing DVDs!


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