My Favorite Equipment for At-Home Barre Workouts

So you’ve decided at-home workouts are for you and now you want to know where to get started!  For me, creating an effective at-home workout is all about having the right equipment.  While you can definitely get an amazing workout at home with no equipment, I love adding a little extra resistance, support and interest by adding in some fun equipment.  Today I have my favorite equipment for at-home barre workouts.

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The Best Barre DVDs

Hey there!  This week is absolutely flying by!  Thanks so much for joining me for Barre Week 2015!  So far we’ve figured out the Best Barre Studios and the Best At Home Barre Workouts.  Today we are checking out Part II of the Best At Home Barre Workouts with The Best Barre DVDs.

best barre dvds

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