Fit Fashion Club: Lilly Pulitzer Activewear

I’ve been excited to share this Fit Fashion Club post for awhile!  I have a love for Lilly Pulitzer clothing.  The prints, the colors and the feeling that you are on a permanent tropical vacation when you are wearing them!  I nearly fell off my chair when I found out that Lilly Pulitzer was now doing activewear (although these days, who isn’t doing activewear?).  I quickly opened up my browser and started perusing.  I came up with these amazing Lilly Pulitzer Activewear pieces. 

By far my favorite are these amazing leggings.  I love the pattern and the color (of course since the overwhelming color is pink!).  Lilly’s signature activewear is called Luxletic and that is exactly how it feels.  It is both functional and luxurious feeling.  

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All About Probiotics

Ever since having a young child who crawls around the floor and licks/touches/eats everything regardless of how dirty it is, I’ve noticed that I have become sick with A LOT more frequency.  It seems like all that good immunity I have built up over the years has gone right out the window!  In an attempt to reverse the effects of this change in my healthy lifestyle, I decided to start taking a probiotic and it has made a huge difference.

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Energy Balls {Recipe}

Hello!  I’m so excited for today’s recipe!  I know Energy Balls are not a new concept but this recipe is a real winner for me because most energy ball have protein powder in them and these don’t.  So what’s the big deal?  Well, there is absolutely nothing wrong with protein powder!  I’ve used it before myself.  However, for me, I prefer to get my protein from my food intake without a supplement because I don’t really think I need additional protein to what I’m already consuming.  High protein diets definitely have advantages and consuming more protein will help you feel full, but for my own personal reasons, I don’t want to add in protein powder at this time.  If you do want to add in protein powder?  Totally fine!  Go for it!  

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My Latest Stitch Fix

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Stitch Fix is such a fun styling service and recently I had a $50 credit so I decided to order myself up a fix!  I mean who needs an excuse for more clothes, am I right?  I needed a combo of cold weather and warm weather clothes and luckily my fix hit the bill!  Out of the five items they sent me, I decided to keep all but two.  Here were the keepers!

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Nutrition News: Understanding Portion Sizes

One thing that has always confused me and sometimes even misled me about eating healthy is portion sizes.  Sure, I know that fruit and vegetables are good for me but how much is the right amount?  Similarly, I know to choose whole wheat grains like pasta and lean meats, but again, what is the right amount?  Too much of any one type of food, no matter how healthy, is not good.  This is where portion sizes come into play.

Sure you can buy a kitchen scale and weigh all your food, but these days people struggle enough to find the time to prepare healthy meals, let alone weigh their food!  But there is a much easier way to estimate portion sizes without driving yourself crazy and it is in your hand.

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