Summer Countdown Workout Plan: Yoga + Pilates

Hello hello! How has your week been so far?  I swear my days just fly by and before I know it the sun is setting.  

Welcome to Week 2 of the Summer Countdown Workout Plan!  In case you missed it, each week for the next four weeks I’m posting a new set of workouts to help get you in shape and ready to go for summer.  Last week we tackled a take-it-outside barre class and this week we are adding in a mix of yoga and pilates–two of my favorite modalities for stretch and strength.  As with my barre workout, you can take this workout outdoors.  Just grab your mat and find an inspiring spot whether it be on the grass, under a huge tree, by the pool, on the beach or wherever you like!    

Countdown to Summer Workout Plan

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Sup Yoga Part Deux

Hi all!  Holy moly am I behind in my blog reading!  I was going through my Bloglovin and it was out of control!  Life has been busy at casa Bendall but I guess that is nothing new!

Last week I posted my first Sup Yoga sequence and today I wanted to share part 2 with you!  While last week’s sequence focused on standing poses and balancing, this week’s focuses on a strong core and backbends.

an easy guide to sup yoga

I started with a sun salutation warm up, which I made a little video of to get the idea of the flow:

Then I moved on to some more invigorating poses including boat pose, which is awesome for working the core, which helps a ton with balance!

sup yoga boat pose Collage

Then I flipped over to do some back extensions just lying on the board and lifting my head, neck and shoulders and my legs off the board to strengthen my back core muscles.  

sup yoga back extension

Followed by bow pose to really get into backbending.

sup yoga bow

Bridge pose was actually quite relaxing on the paddleboard.

sup yoga bridge pose

Wheel was not nearly as scary as I thought!

sup yoga backbend

I gave myself a break in child’s pose before heading on to camel.

childscamel pose collage

And then pigeon and king pigeon for a nice stretch.

sup yoga pigeon collage

And finally some much deserved relaxation!

sup yoga savasana

sup yoga sequence

Readers, what’s the most challenging yoga pose you’ve ever tried?  What have you been up to lately?

SUP Yoga

Hello my lovely friends!  Good news!  Last Thursday I posted my Post-Baby Bucket List for TBT and it inspired me to stop putting things off and starting doing.  So Saturday morning that is exactly what I did.  I grabbed my paddleboard, threw on a rash guard and headed out to try SUP Yoga for the first time.  

I had debated trying a SUP Yoga class but I figured I know enough about yoga and enough about SUP that I could just figure it out.  Luckily, it worked out!  I had a beautifully still, calm day with practically no people at the beach so that made it a lot easier.  I discovered that because a paddleboard is such an unsteady surface, there was an inherent balancing quality to every single move.  It certainly made even basic poses a lot more challenging.  I’ve put together a few of the moves I explored over the weekend for you to try the next time you hop on a board.  Don’t be scared!  Just give it a go!

an easy guide to sup yoga

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Online Classes with

This post contains affiliate links for  If you decide to sign up or make a purchase, I receive a small commission.  I agreed to this affiliate relationship because I love and I have my own membership.  My opinions are 100% my own!  Thank you for your support of this blog!

Hi there! How have you been? Do you remember awhile back when I posted about  I talked about how much I was enjoying their yoga online prenatal classes and all the awesome variety they have on their site.  Well, it’s time for a little update.  Since that post a lot has happened:  I had a baby, I started my postpartum workouts and my free trial of ran out.  Well, one thing stayed the same and that is that I am still a subscriber of  I renewed that baby right up when I saw that my subscription was running out because I honestly love being able to do yoga at home. Free 14 Day Trial + 3 Months for $3

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BodyBalance: Yoga and Pilates Workout

Hi all!  One of my favorite classes is BodyBalance by Les Mills.  It is a combination of yoga and pilates set to great music.  I created this workout, complete with a playlist for you to try at home!

body balance 2

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