My Favorite Equipment for At-Home Pilates Workouts

While barre will always be my first love, pilates is my second and I love my at-home pilates workouts.  Just like barre, you can get a great workout at home with no equipment at all.  In fact, the classical pilates mat class uses no equipment, just your body and a mat.  However, I think adding in some fun equipment here and there can really amp up your workout and makes it more interesting and fun.  Here is my essential list for My Favorite Equipment for At-Home Pilates Workouts.

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Pilates for Your Feet

Ok before you just yawn and click out of this page, hear me out!  Pilates is known for strengthening the core, but it also can work wonders for your feet.  If the eyes are the gateway to the soul, the feet are the gateway to your physical being.  Foot health can relate to the health of you back, hips, knees and necks.  How we stand on our feet can impact how we balance on our pelvis up through our spine.  Not only that how we use our feet can impact how we use our core!


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The Nine Pilates Principles and Why They are Important

Hello hello!  We had a bunch of snow yesterday so we got outside for a little snow fun after naptime.  Haha!  He looks just like a big marshmallow.

Over the weekend at my pilates training, we went over the Nine Pilates Principles.  Although I was already familiar with these principles, I thought it a great refresher not only on what they are but also why they are important.  

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Advanced Pilates Magic Circle

Hello and happy Friday!  It has been raining here all week long so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a better weekend.  The weather forecast doesn’t give me high hopes though!  How has your week been?

I’m super excited to share a new workout with you today!  This is an Advanced Pilates Magic Circle class.  I’m all about looking for ways to make my pilates routine more challenging.  I love feeling like I’m getting a great workout and you can definitely get one with pilates but sometimes you have to put a little effort into it!

This is the short version of the class.  It’s 17 minutes long but you will work HARD in those 17 minutes.

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If you want a full-length 50 minute class, you have to check out my BRAND NEW SITE!!!!!  I’ve been having a lot of problems with my current site on PowHow and I’ve decided to branch off to a new platform.  What you’ll get with this new platform:

  • More videos.  New videos are on my site that are currently NOT on my PowHow site.
  • Better quality.  I can now uploaded unlimited sized videos so expect High Def coming your way!
  • 24/7 customer support.  A huge point of feedback with PowHow is the lack of customer support, which is frankly why I paid to be on their platform.  With my new site, there is 24/7 support so someone is always there to answer your questions!
  • Better organization.  You can see when you browse my videos that I can now organize them into categories so if you want Barre videos, they are all together, same with Pilates and so on.
  • Mobile and Tablets!!!  Mobile and tablets were not supported on PowHow but they are on my new site!
  • FREE TRIAL!!!!!!!!  Yes, a 7 day free trial is included on my new site so go over there NOW and check out the full-length version of my new pilates class! 

Friday’s Food & Fitness: Understanding MyPlate

Hello and happy Friday to all!  We celebrated Cooper’s second birthday yesterday, although technically his party is tomorrow.  I made him some spaghetti bolognese for dinner and treated him to some chocolate cake after.  He was a happy fellow.  Plus, while I took five minutes to go to the bathroom he found his birthday present.  

I bought him this amazing car racing track from Little People that I knew he was going to love.  My Dad put it together and then we covered it with a bed sheet and I hid it in my closet.  Well, I opened the door after using the restroom to have Cooper run up to the door and start pointing and saying “Wow!” (ok already so cute!).  He had managed to go into my closet, find the present wrapped in a sheet, take the sheet off and drag the present out into the bedroom.  I’m not even kidding.  It was perhaps the funniest and sweetest thing ever!

I had been saving the present for today because the Hubs had to be away for work and I wanted us to both give it to him.  But Cooper had other plans.  Apparently he didn’t understand it was his birthday but definitely understood he was due a present!  Haha!  Oh well, at least he was so excited to talk to Dada on FaceTime that he grabbed my phone and ran into the living room (where he dragged it to next) to show Dada on the phone his new toy.  He showed him how to race the car while pointing, laughing, clapping his hand over his mouth and shouting “wow”!  #priceless

Friday's Food and Fitness

Anywho, welcome to Friday’s Food & Fitness!

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