Friday’s Food & Fitness: A Mini Trampoline Workout

Hello!  The happiest of Friday’s to you!  I hope you had a great weekend and are prepared for an even greater weekend.  We are looking at some sunny and warm days so I’m not complaining!

Friday's Food and Fitness

Welcome to Friday’s Food & Fitness.  Let’s jump right in!  (Sorry pun totally intended).

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International Dance Day

Hello hello!  I interrupt our regularly scheduled Friday’s Food & Fitness to say a few words about International Dance Day!  I started dancing when I was just 5 years old and it has been a part of my life for a long time.  I love to dance.  Moving to music is a way of life for me.  So I’m super excited to be celebrating International Dance Day today!  I’ve rounded up a few good links to help you celebrate as well!  Get your dance on today!

zumba brazil 6

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Top 5 Reasons to Play Tennis

The Top 5 Reasons to Play Tennis is sponsored by Play Your Court.  As always, all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Hi all!  Happy hump day!  We’ve made it halfway through the week.  I’m super stoked because I had a fever at the beginning of the week (thank you small child for exposing me to so many germs).

So you may have noticed in my recent Friday’s Food & Fitness a lot of emphasis on tennis.  I’ve been playing a lot recently and I’m really trying to up my game (no pun intended).  My goal is for the Hubs and I to be able to play with other people on a regular basis and for me not to embarrass us.  Oh, and a win once and awhile would be nice.  And while, we have almost 30 years before we can both retire, I figured it was better to start now.

Top 5 Reasons to Play Tennis-- My Own Balance

But why tennis, you might ask?  Great question!  Well aside from the fact that I love watching the tennis majors, tennis is an amazing sport for even the non-elite.  Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Play Tennis!

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Throwback Thursday: Dance Cardio Playlist

Hi there!  For this Throwback Thursday I thought I would throw at you a playlist that I am absolutely loving!  Enjoy!

Throwback Thursday

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The BEST Dance Cardio Playlist

Hey all!  I’ve made it no secret that I absolutely love to dance.  I honestly believe it is the best form of cardio because it’s fun, it’s easy to do (you don’t have to be good!) and anything goes.  And of course, a great dance cardio session is all about the music!  I like to keep changing it up when it comes to my playlists but this one is a sure fire way to keep you going. This is my all-time Best Dance Cardio Playlist and it is sure to get your fired up to let loose and have fun. Enjoy this playlist in your own living room or doing a cardio dance. Enjoy!

best dance cardio playlist

Readers, what are you listening to right now?