Friday’s Food & Fitness: I’m in Boston!

Hello hello and happy Friday! So sorry to have dropped off this week but on Tuesday we flew to Boston for a couple of weeks. Let me tell you, flying with a toddler is NOT easy. Oh man. I think I’m traumatized.

In any event we arrived in one piece and just in time for Friday’s Food and Fitness!

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HIIT the Barre: The Videos

Hey hey all!  Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement with my new e-book, HIIT the Barre!  I’m so glad you think the workout looks amazing!  

I knew when I wanted to write an e-book that it would take a lot of time and effort especially writing the descriptions for all of the workouts.  I wanted to make sure that each and every person understood the workout descriptions and the paired photos.  However, from my own experience, I know that reading and looking at photos of exercises can sometimes be confusing.  So, enter–the Videos!

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HIIT the Barre: The Workout

Hey friends!  Thank you so much for all your support with the launch of my new e-book, HIIT the Barre™!  I’m super excited about it!  Because you have been such amazing loyal readers for so long, I wanted to give you a special sneak peek of the book!  So today we are talking about HIIT the Barre: The Workout!

So, what exactly is HIIT the Barre™?  To put it simply, it is a combination of cardio plus toning.  I focus on using High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) plus barre moves to get your heart rate up, blast fat and tone your muscles.  It is a total body workout and I’m kind of obsessed!  

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A Big Announcement!

Hello and Happy New Year!  Have I ever mentioned to you before that 17 is my lucky number and I intend to make 2017 my lucky year?  Well, it starts today with a HUGE announcement I have for you!

I’ve been saying for months how busy I’ve been, how I’ve been working on a project and how I couldn’t share as much as I wanted to on the blog.  Well, the project is done and it is HERE!  Introducing . . .

HIIT the Barre™ 

My new e-book!

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Friday’s Food & Fitness: Understanding MyPlate

Hello and happy Friday to all!  We celebrated Cooper’s second birthday yesterday, although technically his party is tomorrow.  I made him some spaghetti bolognese for dinner and treated him to some chocolate cake after.  He was a happy fellow.  Plus, while I took five minutes to go to the bathroom he found his birthday present.  

I bought him this amazing car racing track from Little People that I knew he was going to love.  My Dad put it together and then we covered it with a bed sheet and I hid it in my closet.  Well, I opened the door after using the restroom to have Cooper run up to the door and start pointing and saying “Wow!” (ok already so cute!).  He had managed to go into my closet, find the present wrapped in a sheet, take the sheet off and drag the present out into the bedroom.  I’m not even kidding.  It was perhaps the funniest and sweetest thing ever!

I had been saving the present for today because the Hubs had to be away for work and I wanted us to both give it to him.  But Cooper had other plans.  Apparently he didn’t understand it was his birthday but definitely understood he was due a present!  Haha!  Oh well, at least he was so excited to talk to Dada on FaceTime that he grabbed my phone and ran into the living room (where he dragged it to next) to show Dada on the phone his new toy.  He showed him how to race the car while pointing, laughing, clapping his hand over his mouth and shouting “wow”!  #priceless

Friday's Food and Fitness

Anywho, welcome to Friday’s Food & Fitness!

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