Happy August!

Hello and happy August!  I can’t believe how fast the summer is flying by!  We have only one more week in the US.  So so sad!  I’m taking this week off to vacation with my family and enjoy my last days on Cape Cod.  I’ll be back next week with more posts, info and more!  Stay tuned and have a great week!


A Day in the Life

Hello and happy Wednesday!  If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I was traveling over the weekend and quite frankly, I’m still recovering!  Who knew that traveling just 2.5 hours away by plane could be so exhausting (every single parent just raised their hand-haha).  

But traveling is out of the ordinary for most people so it can be super exhausting to change up your routine.  speaking of routines, I thought it would be fun today to do a “day in the life” post.  I haven’t done one of these in a long time and if you are a nosy reader like me, you love getting a peak into other people’s lives!

a day in the life

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Cooper 16 Months

I haven’t done Cooper update since he turned a year. After one year the monthly updates become a bit much, but he has developed so much lately, I feel we are overdue! 

cooper 16 months

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Social Media: Friend or Foe?

I rarely go on a rant on this site.  I like to keep it a happy and positive place for you to visit, but today I feel like I have no choice.  I had another post scheduled (about Coops!), but that will have to wait.

For a long time, I’ve been disillusioned by Facebook.  For days at a time when I logged on the same post would appear at the top of my feed…for days!  I mean, seriously, is there no other news in anyone else’s life?  Their algorithm was such that posts maintained priority based on their perceived popularity.  It annoyed me.  I was tired of looking at the same photos over and over again from largely the same people and I missed content that I was interested in as a result.

Social Media-Friend orFoe-

I honestly only use Facebook to post a link to the posts on My Own Balance (necessary evil) and check some of the private groups I’m a part of for relevant information to those groups.  Other than that, I never log on to check my account.  Instead, I spend a lot of time on Instagram.  I love it!  Photo after photo being displayed in my feed.  A feed that I created and curated to my own personal tastes.  I love the visual aspect, the relatively small amount of text and, quite frankly, I think it is inspiring.

Then came the ads.  The ads are the worst.  Frequent and completely unrelated to me, but at least I can hide them!

Now, today, something I can stomach even less.  Instagram is changing its algorithm to make it even more like Facebook.  The posts it thinks will be most popular, most relevant and most interesting to you will be pinned to the top instead of just chronological.  

So why do you care?  Well, I think it stinks that social media companies control what you see and when.  If I follow people, it is because I’m interested in seeing their posts and I’m not necessarily more interested in one person’s posts than another.  I think WE should control what and when we see it, not the social media company.  

And, today my Instagram feed is filled with people asking me to turn on notifications for them so I will get a push notification to my phone every time they post something.  I do not need that!  Needless to say, the entire thing has me bummed out. So…

Readers, what do you think?  Social media: friend or foe?

P.S. I’m a bit late today because Cooper has a fever and I had to take him to the doctor.  I guess it is better to save a post about him for another day when he is feeling better!! 

I’ve Been Poisoned!

Hello hello!  I totally planned on having week 2 of New Year Reset Challenge ready for you guys today.  Workout photos, gifs and a video…all set to go!  But then I was poisoned.

sick meme

The Hubs and I both got very very sick on Monday night and I’ve been a little down and out ever since.  No workouts, no pilates class, no tennis lessons, no teaching and no food (the worst!!!).  So you can imagine that I didn’t have the chance to get today’s workout done.  🙁

food poisoning meme

I’m feeling a bit better and sticking to a BRAT diet for the time being.  Then its back to work so look out for New Year Reset Challenge shortly!!!