Energy Balls {Recipe}

Hello!  I’m so excited for today’s recipe!  I know Energy Balls are not a new concept but this recipe is a real winner for me because most energy ball have protein powder in them and these don’t.  So what’s the big deal?  Well, there is absolutely nothing wrong with protein powder!  I’ve used it before myself.  However, for me, I prefer to get my protein from my food intake without a supplement because I don’t really think I need additional protein to what I’m already consuming.  High protein diets definitely have advantages and consuming more protein will help you feel full, but for my own personal reasons, I don’t want to add in protein powder at this time.  If you do want to add in protein powder?  Totally fine!  Go for it!  

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Coconut Bowls {Recipe}

Hello there!  I’ve got a short, sweet and fun recipe for you today.  These coconut bowls are creamy and delicious and make you feel totally decadent first thing in the morning.  It looks way harder than it actually is to make so you if you have some guests stopping by for a brunch, I highly recommend these!

The trick to these babies is to find pre-cut coconuts.  Slicing a coconut is no easy feat so if you can get these at the grocery store, I highly recommend doing that.  However, even if you can’t buy a pre-cut coconut, you can cut one yourself in under 2 minutes with just a hammer and screw driver!  Check out this video for the how-to!

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3 Healthy Recipes

Hello and Happy Friday!  I had some weirdness going on with the blog due to a plugin I installed this week. If you had trouble seeing my posts or seeing them in the right order, don’t fret,  I’ve fixed the problem!  Man, there are always so many tech issues when you have a blog.  I feel like I should have earned a second degree in technology after running this blog for about 4.5 years!

Onto the good stuff today…what I have been earning a degree in (well, really a certificate) is nutrition.  I’m so excited to share more of my knowledge with you and I hope there will be a lot of interesting posts to come.  Building on my knowledge, this week had some really winners in the kitchen.  These recipes looked delicious, tasted fabulous and were healthy to boot!

This salad is one of my all-time favorites–the perfect blend of fruity and light.

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Pomegranate and Raspberry Kale Salad

Hello!  I’m super excited to share with you this amazing recipe today.  This Pomegranate and Raspberry Kale Salad is simple and totally delicious.  Make it for lunch today!  The recipe comes from my 30 Day Clean Eating Guide, available at  It is part of my HIIT the Barre program and I absolutely love how good it tastes as well as how good it is for you!

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Tips for Getting in Shape This Year (No Diet Required!)

It’s the New Year which means everyone is collectively feeling the remnants from the holidays on their waistline, wallet and will.  So what to do?  Well, every year thousands of people recommit to their health by joining a gym, starting a new exercise plan or going on a diet.  I’m here to tell you that while these are all good pursuits, you also need to make changes that will help you in your lifestyle.  So here are a few Tips for Getting in Shape this Year.

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