Fit Fashion Club: AKT in Motion for Target

Hello hello!  Another edition of Fit Fashion Club coming your way today!  If you are as obsessed with activewear as I am, you are always looking for the next cute thing!  I was really excited to stumble upon this amazing collaboration between AKT in Motion and Target. * 

I’ve been a big fan of AKT in Motion for a long time.  I love their dance cardio classes because they work up a great sweat plus the toning sections are pretty challenging.  Since I no longer live in NYC, I keep up with the dance classes online.  It is my go-to cardio!  And, of course, I’m a huge fan of Target.  I mean, it has everything!!  So when I heard that there would be a collaboration of AKT in Motion for Target, I was there!

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DIY Blowout with DryBar Tool Kit

Hi friends! Our trip to the US has ended and we are on our way home now.  It was a whirlwind!!  I’ll be recapping more in the next few weeks but today I wanted to tell you about the DryBarTool Kit I recently purchased. It is the answer to my DIY Blowout prayers.*

I’ve been a fan of DryBar for a few years now.  I love their blowouts so much and the concept of a quick and inexpensive blowout is totally for me.  I actually get really frustrated when I get my hair done and I walk out looking like I just dried my own hair.  I love how it always looks fantastic after leaving DryBar and they aren’t shy in the products either.

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Fit Fashion Club: PopFlex Dark Bloom & Kate Spade Activewear

Hello hello!  How was your weekend?  I spent mine in Pilates training.  Even though I already have my mat certification, I wanted to explore a certification program that went deeper into the exercises and also could progress beyond mat.  I chose Balanced Body because I love practicing on their equipment and they have a comprehensive training program that goes well beyond just basic mat.  So training 1 is done and now I just have to log my practice hours before moving on to more trainings!  I’m hoping to become certified by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) after I complete my Balanced Body training. 

Knowing that I was going to be around some amazing Pilates people this weekend, I knew I was going to have to look the part.  So I decided to check out two new lines that had my curiosity peaked: PopFlex Active’s Dark Bloom Collection and Kate Spade Beyond Yoga’s Spring Collaboration.

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Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year when you are searching for the perfect present for your friends and family or you are just trying to think of something YOU want this holiday season.  I’m here to help with my 2016 Gift Guide!  Personalized presents for even the most picky people on your list!

Fashionable Fitsista

This chica is always working out and she looks good doing it!  Surprise her this year with some of the hottest fitness fashions!

Tory Burch Fitbit Bracelet in Rose Gold or Fuschia– Fitness trackers are all the rage these days but who wants to walk around at work or on a date looking like your still at the gym?  Tory Burch has teamed up with Fitbit to offer a pretty alternative to the sporty fitness tracker look.  These designs will hide the fact that you are tracking your steps, distance traveled and calories burned even while perusing the latest bag collection at Bloomingdales.

Beyond Yoga Convertible Fleece Cardigan– This super comfy cardigan converts from a wrap to an open front cardi for whatever your mood strikes.  A fantastic coverup for post-workout brunch!

Terez Ombre Glitter Capri– These ombre glitter capris are everything!  The fitsista will stand out more than a disco ball in her workout class.  Perfect for dance cardio!

Addidas Fitness Underwear– The fitsista is fashionable even underneath!  The proper basics are just as important as what’s on the outside!

Barre Babe

Portable Barre– Get a great barre workout at home with this portable barre.  No more grabbing a kitchen chair.  It is lightweight and easy to assemble!

Toe Sox Grip Socks– It’s not a real barre class without your grip socks.  These babies are both cute and functional!

Sweaty Betty Pirouette Bamboo Cami– The Pirouette Cami is perfect for low-impact barre classes and shows off your pretty lines and toned shoulders.

MZ Wallace Tote Bag– A stylish place to store your barre socks and water!  The MZ Wallace bag is nylon and has an inside pocket for you stinky stuff or bath items!

Om Master

Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat + Towel– This is THE mat to have for the yoga enthusiast!  The towel is also perfect for the hot yoga devotee.

Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray– Those mats can get stinky and harbor bacteria.  This cleaning solution ensures that the mat will be clean every time and smell great!

The Yoga Bible– Master any pose with The Yoga Bible!  

Cool Mist Humidifier and Aromatic Essential Oil Diffuser– Get that soothing yoga environment at home with a cool mist humidifier and aromatic essential oil diffuser.  Try a calming sent like lavender or eucalyptus. 

Pilates Princess

Sweaty Betty Chandrasana Reversible Leggings– What’s better than one pair of leggings?  Two-in-one leggings!  These super cute reversible leggings are perfect for switching it up and looking good.

Pilates Stick– The pilates princess will be super impressed with this gift that mimics the pilates tower apparatus in the comfort of your own home.  There are so many exercises and it is super easy to assemble and use!

The Big Book of Pilates– I personally love this book because it has everything a pilates purist could want.  There are complete sequences, form tips and so much more in this comprehensive book.

Foam Roller– The foam roller is the perfect pilates companion for stretching and toning.  It is an inexpensive but extremely versatile tool!

Foodie Friend

Dehydrator– Your healthy foodie is going to love this dehydrator that can dehydrate food to make a healthier chip, dessert or vegetable.  It is so easy and delicious!

Vitamix S50 Personal Blender– Vitamix is the best blender out there and this personal one is great for blending smoothies, juices and soups.  Plus it is easy to clean!

Click & Grow Smart Indoor Herb Garden– Grow your own herbs at home with no green thumb required.  Perfect for someone like me who always manages to kill their herbs!

The Moon Juice Cookbook

Beach Barbie

Trina Turk Tunic Cover Up– This cover up is so cute, you can sit poolside or beachside for drinks in it.  Plus, the fabric is lycra so no worries about getting it wet.

Jonathan Adler Myknonos Beach Towel– Look stylish with this super-plus beach towel!

Ray Ban Sunglasses– Look super cool in your Ray Bans at the beach!

Rachel Zoe Tia Sandal– These sandals are so chic, you’ll never want to take them off.

Winter Warrior

Snowshoes– A great workout you can do outdoors even when temps drop!  Burn major calories with these babies.

Ski goggles– Protect your eyes with these stylish ski goggles.

Coat– Stay warm and fuzzy on the slopes or by the fire with this North Face jacket.

Gloves– Nothing is worse than cold fingers.  Keep them toasty with these gloves!






* Please note some of these links are affiliate links.  Thank you so much for your support!

Nike Studio Wrap Shoe

Let’s talk about shoes.  I have been on a barre shoe kick lately.  I love sticky socks but why turn up an opportunity to collect more shoes into my closet!?!  A girls’ gotta live.

Today I want to talk about the Nike Studio Wrap Shoe.  I’ve been coveting this shoe for years!  I’ve even recommended it here on the blog before.  Finally this year as a gift my brother and sister-in-law gave them to me and I couldn’t be happier!


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