Fit Fashion Club: Lilly Pulitzer Activewear

I’ve been excited to share this Fit Fashion Club post for awhile!  I have a love for Lilly Pulitzer clothing.  The prints, the colors and the feeling that you are on a permanent tropical vacation when you are wearing them!  I nearly fell off my chair when I found out that Lilly Pulitzer was now doing activewear (although these days, who isn’t doing activewear?).  I quickly opened up my browser and started perusing.  I came up with these amazing Lilly Pulitzer Activewear pieces. 

By far my favorite are these amazing leggings.  I love the pattern and the color (of course since the overwhelming color is pink!).  Lilly’s signature activewear is called Luxletic and that is exactly how it feels.  It is both functional and luxurious feeling.  

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My Latest Stitch Fix

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Stitch Fix is such a fun styling service and recently I had a $50 credit so I decided to order myself up a fix!  I mean who needs an excuse for more clothes, am I right?  I needed a combo of cold weather and warm weather clothes and luckily my fix hit the bill!  Out of the five items they sent me, I decided to keep all but two.  Here were the keepers!

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Washing your Workout Clothes With Roux Maison

I know we’ve already talked about the proper way to wash workout wear but I recently found a product that I swear by and I felt I needed to update you all!  It all started when I recently shelled out a bit of cash to purchase some really cute Kate Spade and Beyond Yoga Activewear.  The problem was that I felt like the clothes were getting a little bit eaten up by the wash.  They were so soft when I bought them but I felt like they pilled a bit when I put them through the wash.  I decided that I needed a high quality detergent made to get rid of the lovely smells of working out and the ick of the sweat without damaging the amazing fabrics or compromising the fabric technology.  Sounds impossible, right?

Well, a little bit of research led me to Roux Maison.  I immediately fell in love with their Sport Detergent.

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Fit Fashion Club: Kate Spade Activewear + Beyond Yoga

Hello there!  I feel like I’ve been posting a lot of Fit Fashion Club lately but it just seems like there are a lot of cute collections out there for Spring.  Of course, everyone is looking forward to warm weather and getting outside so cute activewear is a must!  One of my all time favorite collaborations is Kate Spade Activewear with Beyond Yoga.  I am a huge Kate Spade fan and their activewear is just so great–cute and quirky but also attractive and functional. 

If you are a fan of Kate Spade, you will know that quintessential to her look are bows, bright colors, stripes and cute details.  This collection is all that and more.  Plus, it has the benefit of super soft, amazing activewear material that is characteristic of Beyond Yoga.  I loved her first collaboration so much and this one is even better!

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Fit Fashion Club: AKT in Motion for Target

Hello hello!  Another edition of Fit Fashion Club coming your way today!  If you are as obsessed with activewear as I am, you are always looking for the next cute thing!  I was really excited to stumble upon this amazing collaboration between AKT in Motion and Target. * 

I’ve been a big fan of AKT in Motion for a long time.  I love their dance cardio classes because they work up a great sweat plus the toning sections are pretty challenging.  Since I no longer live in NYC, I keep up with the dance classes online.  It is my go-to cardio!  And, of course, I’m a huge fan of Target.  I mean, it has everything!!  So when I heard that there would be a collaboration of AKT in Motion for Target, I was there!

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