About Me


About Me

Hi!  My name is Brittany and I am a self-proclaimed fitness guru.  I love staying fit and I am willing to try out all sorts of things in pursuit of fitness.  

I am committed to living a balanced lifestyle: staying active, eating healthy and indulging from time to time.  Come join me as I find my own balance.


I’ll admit it, I am a lil’ obsessed with a good workout.  I pride myself in trying tons of different things to stay fit.  I have my favorites, but I am always up for something else.  


My passion for fitness has led me to seek out ways to share it with you all.  I’ve taught fitness classes all over the world.  Follow me here to see what my latest workouts are and maybe you’ll find something to inspire you!



Certifications & Experience:

– Over 20 years of ballet, jazz, contemporary and modern dance experience.

– Choreographer of professional caliber dance routines.

– Member of a pre-professional dance company.

– Minor in dance from the University of Richmond.

– Licensed Zumba instructor

– BODYJAM instructor

– Spencer Pilates instructor

-Pre/Post-Natal Pilates Specialist

– Level III Fitness Certification from the Australian Institute of Fitness

– Experience teaching classes in: Barre, Pilates, Zumba, BODYJAM, barbell/weights, step, strength training, ballet and jazz dancing.

Eat Healthy

O.k.  this one can be tough ’cause let’s face it, there are SO MANY good things to eat out there.  But I do my best to find recipes that are both healthy and delicious.  Check out my Recipes section to find inspiration for your own meals.

Hoisin Beef Spring Rolls 1

Enjoy Life

Look, we all have one short life, we should enjoy it!  I love to travel, participate in new experiences and just generally enjoy life.  Whether I’m tasting some wine or dining on a fine meal, I don’t feel guilty about making the most out of everyday! Check out my Love to Live Life page to find out my latest adventures!

oper house bridge view from gardens


The Hubs and I were excited to welcome our first child, Cooper, into the world in 2014.  I love my family and all the adventures of motherhood.  Check out my Baby page to find out how I am balancing my new little person!

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