Coconut Bowls {Recipe}

Hello there!  I’ve got a short, sweet and fun recipe for you today.  These coconut bowls are creamy and delicious and make you feel totally decadent first thing in the morning.  It looks way harder than it actually is to make so you if you have some guests stopping by for a brunch, I highly recommend these!

The trick to these babies is to find pre-cut coconuts.  Slicing a coconut is no easy feat so if you can get these at the grocery store, I highly recommend doing that.  However, even if you can’t buy a pre-cut coconut, you can cut one yourself in under 2 minutes with just a hammer and screw driver!  Check out this video for the how-to!

Once you have your coconut ready to go, I recommend using a fork to scrap up some of the coconut on the inside so when you dig in you’ll get some actual coconut.  You can always save this to do at the end but I like being able to eat the fresh coconut throughout.

Then scoop plain Greek yogurt into the bowls and top with your choice of fresh berries.  So easy and simple!  You can get crazy with it and add nuts, a drizzle of honey or maple syrup or even edible flowers if you want it to look really pretty.

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Or, perhaps you are looking for a quick yet fancy looking dessert?  Just replace the yogurt with sorbet and top with berries and you have a beautiful yet easy to make dessert.  Trust me when I tell you that your guests will be super impressed and you’ll be laughing because this takes no time at all!


  1. I think your presentation of the coconut is the best! Not sure that I can always get precut coconut but I will try at during my summertime. If I tried the cutting technique, I would surly pierce, puncture, bruise, hit, slip, skin or at least drop the whole thing. Truly, I need help!!!