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Hi there!  Hope your week is off to a good start!  I am so excited to tell you about a new fitness studio I have been trying out over the past few months called Body By Simone or BBS.  You may remember I talked about their online classes here, but I haven’t yet told you how awesome their studio classes are!

Located in Chelsea in the middle of art galleries and large loft spaces, this spacious studio draws an unexpectedly large crowd.  Every class I went to on the weekend was packed! 



(Simone De La Rue- Source)

What is it:  BBS is a hybrid studio that offers classes in dance cardio, trampoline cardio, full body toning, upper body toning, lower body toning and stretching.  A native of Australia, Simone De La Rue began her training in dance.  This carries over into all of her classes and personal training sessions.  


Perks:  The studio is huge and clean with well placed mirrors, high ceilings and a cool, downtown kind of atmosphere.  The locker room is fully stocked but beware guys, there is only a women’s locker room!

Tip:  The dance cardio class can be intimidating because there is a lot of choreography and jumping and it moves quickly (think jumping jacks, side shuffles, pivot turns, etc).  The key to getting the choreography down is to remember that the dance cardio classes are incredibly repetitive so you will get the hang of it eventually.  Most participants are unable to pick up the choreography right away so don’t feel bad! 

The upper body class is a combo of upper body and abs.  Although you use light weights for this class, you may find a heavier set might be helpful for a few of the exercises. 


Thoughts:  Overall I enjoyed every single class at BBS.  The trainers there are all so cut!  And the students aren’t so bad themselves drawing from a “fashionable” crowd.  There is a great sense of motivation in classes and you will work hard.  My heart rate was always high in the dance cardio classes but it went by so quickly!  I enjoyed the upper body class but probably could have been challenged a little bit more with some heavier weights.


Readers, what is the number one thing you look for in a trainer/gym/fitness studio?  Do you prefer a total body class or splitting up into upper body/lower body classes?  Would you try BBS?


  1. I would definitely try this class it looks phenomenal! You had me at super cut trainers :)

  2. I just imagined myself trying to keep up with the choreography and I am laughing hysterically. Two left feet here…

  3. BBS sounds like a fun way to workout. I would try the dance class if I went with a friend – I know that I would look like a total goof so it would be more fun with someone I know!

  4. This sounds awesome, Brittany! I wish we had cool classes like this in my town. I need my trainer to be energetic and motivating. I don’t want to hear about their bad day and class needs to start and end on time — there’s nothing more annoying to me.

  5. This sounds awesome! Although based on my zumba experience, I would probably be stumbling all over myself. Still I wish we had unique places in Phoenix. It takes forever for anything new and trendy to get here.

  6. Personally I think I would like an all-body focus in a fitness class, but I’m also not big on fitness classes all that much. I can’t believe how small Simone is…..teeny!

  7. That sounds like a fun studio and fun class! Simone is absolutely beautiful too! Dance type classes intimidate me a bit, but they definitely make the time go by so quick. Love it!

  8. There’s trampoline cardio?! Sounds fun!

  9. i haven’t heard of this studio — sounds really cool. i’ll have to check it out. i prefer total body/circuit classes for sure.

  10. I would totally try BBS! I’m not great at freestyle dance but due to 10 years as a competitive cheerleader, I’m usually good at high-tempo choreographed classes. Classes that get you sweating quickly and go by fast are the best kind!


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  2. […] 6.      Body By Simone-  If you want dance, this is a serious dance class.  There is a ton of choreography including changing directions and turning.  The great part about it though is that you repeat the combinations over and over so there is no way you won’t get it by the end.  The dance portion is actually 45 minutes and the last 15 minutes of class are dedicated to abs and stretching.  Every single trainer at BBS is incredibly cut and gorgeous.  It kind of makes you feel like you might look like that even just by hanging around the place. […]

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