Friday’s Food & Fitness: Spring Break!

Hi friends!  How was your week?  Hope you had a great one!  Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?  It is supposed to be 60 degrees here tomorrow and I am so excited.  We are scheduled to play tennis outdoors (fingers crossed!).

Food and Fitness Collage 
Welcome to this week’s Friday’s Food & Fitness!

Ok, this week was kind of boring and I only really made one notable recipe.  This pasta dish from Cooking Light made with spinach linguine, kale and cannelini beans was so amazing!  I absolutely loved it and it was packed with super foods!
linguine with kale
And that’s all I’ve got for food!  Ha.  Sorry boring week! :)
Last night I was invited to a spring break party…a fitness spring break party, honoring the first day of spring!  It was sponsored by The Westin Hotel in New York Grand Central and FiTMAPPED.
The westin
The Westin is committed to helping its guests live a happier, healthier life and I was really impressed by their efforts to get everyone moving. #WestinWellbeing  The Westin offers 2-3 healthy superfood items on every one of its menu and offers snack breaks that feature things like fruit and flavored water.
Run Westin
They also have an awesome running program that leads guests along the East River for either a 3.1 or 5.5 mile run twice a week!  And there is no excuse if you forgot your running shoes because The Westin has teamed up with New Balance to offer guests a gear bag.  The gear bag contains New Balance sneakers, shorts, a t-shirt and socks.  It only costs $5 and you get to keep the socks! :)
The Westin and FiTMAPPED set up an awesome event to get people more involved in health and fitness and welcome the first day of spring!
westin Collage
Some really awesome sponsors were in attendance including Suja Juice, Kind Snacks, CitiBikes, OatWorks, Girls on the Run, MoonWalk and more!  I walked out with my purse filled to the brim with snacks and drinks and other fun things!
One of my favorite parts of the whole event was the yoga-stretch and meditation portion led by Mang’Oh yoga.  I LOVE Mang’Oh!  I take my lunchtime class with them once a week and the classes are both challenging and relaxing at the same time.  I also loved the meditation portion.  I really need to do that more!
After the yoga, we had the privilege to listen to a Q&A with a distinguished panel of registered dietitians (who had like a million credentials each and I couldn’t possibly remember them all!).  The panel had some really awesome pieces of information to impart on the audience.  Here are a few of my favorite tips:
- Never cut out one whole food group.
- Focus on what you can put in your diet, not what you have to cut out.
- Eating a balanced diet (healthy fats, lean protein, healthy grains, fruit and vegetables) is the guaranteed formula for success.
Also interesting?  Did you know edamame has 10g of protein and quinoa has 5g?!?  
Readers, are you going on a spring break?  What are some of your favorite nutrition tips?  What’s your go-to healthy recipe when you are busy?  Bonus question!  Have you ever stayed at the Westin and tried out Westin Wellbeing?
* I was invited to this event The Westin Hotel NY Grand Central but it was free of charge and open to the public with registration.  All opinions expressed are my own!


  1. Yes! I’m going on a mini made-up spring break trip (since I’m not in school) – headed to San Francisco and Napa next week! Cannotttt wait! :)

    My favorite nutrition tip (and overall life tip): eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired :)

    I’ve never stayed in a Westin! But it looks very swanky ;)

  2. I had heard that about running groups at Westin hotels! That is way too cool. And gear bags for $5?? I think I would get that anyway!!
    Your food week looks like my typical one – only one amazing recipe. I feel better now – ha ha !

  3. That “green” recipe looks delicious! I might try it.

    Every year I attend a fitness retreat in a resort. It’s definitely the highlight of my year! :-)

  4. What a great Spring Break Party! You find all the good stuff in NY! Looks like it was very insightful! I’ve stayed at the Westin but that’s it! I am determined to cook more now that I’m not working overnight so we will have to try out your recipes! They always look so delicious, but I am dealing with a man and his teenager that like meat and cheese, so this will be a healthy battle :) !

    • Thanks Joi! I love cooking but it can be tough during the week (as evidenced by this week). This weekend I’m going some more meal prep so I have some things on hand!

  5. That spring break party looks like a blast! I especially love getting all the goodies from events like that!

  6. You always get to do the coolest stuff!! I so wish that I could say I was going on Spring break. but nothing planned over here. I need some ocean in my life, asap!

  7. I spy Anita in those pictures. When I see things like this, I miss NYC a ton. Looks like a fun event (and your recipe looks yummy and easy).

  8. I’m not actually going anywhere for spring break. I almost always have 3-4 trips planned by this time each year. With my foot injury, I’ve put things on hold. I need to focus on my recovery. It’s improving….slowly…. I feel like I’ll be there soon. I want to make a trip to NYC again this year. I was there Labor Day last year and loved it. Maybe we could meet up if I come!

  9. I love that tip and live by it – never cut out an entire food group!!
    We are actually at the tail end of our spring break – we stayed home and it was very nice to just have some extra time. The boys were excited to have time to sleep and just relax, too so I didn’t have to feel guilty!

  10. Sounds like a great event! And man, 60 degrees! I’m so jealous!! We’re supposed to get a blizzard next week. I really hope the weather is nice for when I travel to NYC in a few weeks! I need a break from the pseudo-winter that is spring in Newfoundland.

  11. Looks like a neat event at The Westin! I’ve heard about their healthy living initiatives and I think it’s amazing. Wish all hotels were like that! And yes, I love edamame! I buy them frozen and will toss em with garlic, olive oil, grated parmesan, salt, and pepper, and then roast them in the oven. You should try it!

  12. What a fun event! I had no idea that the Westin provided bags so you had no excuse for not working out. I am not going on Spring Break but I am enjoying the nicer temperatures and am happy that I get to go outside and enjoy some sun.

    That’s amazing about the edamame…I had no idea!

  13. LOVE this!! (and I Love fitmapped) What a great event! I had no clue edamame had so much protein, I need to put it on my grocery list for sure!

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