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Hello!  Welcome to this week’s edition of Friday’s Food & Fitness.  Normally I try to find an overarching theme for Friday’s Food & Fitness but this week it just wasn’t happening.  So welcome to just plain, old Food & Fitness!

Food and Fitness Collage





So much good food this week!  I am kind of obsessed with the latest issue of Cooking Light and have been making everything in it!  This weekend I made the Hubs and I some extra special eggs.


Eggs with organic hash, chorizo (his fav!), roasted red peppers, onions and spinach. 


I also cooked up this amazing salmon recipe.  I was able to snap exactly one photo before my battery died so it may not be the best!  My battery has never actually died before.  I was so surprised when it happened!

 It was amazing: salmon, orzo with roasted red peppers, dill & lemon juice, garlic broccolini.

 ige kale salad

I also made this awesome salad creation from Iowa Girl Eats.  Holy moly, you have to try it!  It is basically bacon wrapped dates in a kale salad.   Again, bacon wrapped dates is one of the Hubs’ favorites!

I also made these chicken skeweres, just without the skewers.  Since we live on the 23rd floor of an apartment building in the middle of an urban jungle, it pretty much goes without saying that we don’t have a grill in our “backyard”.  So I cook all of our meat on the stove.  While normally this is no problem, I find it just doesn’t work with skewers of any kind.  I can’t get the meat to cook evenly through and it just takes forever.  Plus, I kind of don’t get the point since you just have to take the food off the skewer.  So I just skip that step and make what I like to call: Cubed Meat in a Pan!  Attractive name, I know.

chicken skewers

 Sadly I made flank steak tacos and meatball subs and forgot to take photos of both meals! #MajorFail  So I stole the photos from Cooking Light.  Mine would have looked just like theirs anyway! 😉



These meatball subs were such a hit!  Lean ground turkey made them a healthier version of the real thing, as well as low-sodium, low-sugar organic pasta sauce.



The tacos were served with a jicama and radicchio mixture.  In case you haven’t had it before, jicama is a Mexican turnip but it doesn’t taste like a traditional turnip at all.  It is kind of sweet and totally delicious!  I need to eat it more often.





So many good things!  Ahhh this week had been crazy awesome! 

Lots of TurboFire, including at least two DVDs I had not tried yet!?  I don’t even know how that is possible. 

AKT in Motion with my girlfriend, Alison.  Coincidentally, do any of you subscribe to SELF or Shape Magazines?  Check out this month’s spread on AKT!  They must have got the idea from reading my blog! 😉 

AKT mag 1

akt mag 3

akt mag 2

Two barre classes, including one cardio barre class.  

And, of course, my weekly lunchbox yoga class.  We practice crow pose this week, which I haven’t done in awhile and forgot how great it is for toning! 

crow pose

Readers, have you ever tried jicama?  What is your go-to source for healthy recipes?  What was your favorite workout this week?  


  1. Ha, I totally noticed it in both mags! I was like man this thing must be hot for real because I remember Britt talking about it! 🙂 That egg dish with organic hash looks so yum! I have never tried jicama, at least not on purpose 🙂
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…5 Ways to Stay Mentally Engaged In Your Healthy Living GoalsMy Profile

  2. I subscribe to both of those magazine… but I have a confession… I have never done a single workout that was talked about in a magazine before! Terrible, I know. I need to make the most of these subscriptions and start doing some of them. + they obviously got the idea from you. 🙂
    Kimberly (Manifest Yourself) recently posted…Favorite ThingsMy Profile

  3. I love cooking light! I always buy it before flights. You know you’re a foodie when…Also Iowa Girl Eats can do no wrong in my opinion 😉
    Davida @ The Healthy Maven recently posted…Random Ramblings #10My Profile

  4. wow look at you go with all of these recipes! yes i like jicama as well. i just need to start cooking. 🙂
    Shawna recently posted…i like these things {picture post #2}My Profile

  5. All of your creations sound delicious! I also love bacon wrapped dates so will have to check that one out – I love classics remade 🙂
    Sun recently posted…From Now On, My Training Is Up To Coach MattMy Profile

  6. Your food looks awesome from the week and again, more fun exercises! I have never had jicama and have never really had the desire to try it, I guess…

    Favorite workout was definitely Monday night – doing 61 pound kettlebell swings made me happy!
    Lauren @ Focused To Be Fit recently posted…How the Week Went DownMy Profile

  7. I’ve been cooking out of one of my Cooking Light books a lot lately – so many great things!!!
    I would love to have new Turbo Fire workouts – pretty sure I’ve done all of mine 100s of times!
    I need to get the latest Shape magazine and check out that workout.
    Kim recently posted…My New Happy HourMy Profile

  8. I need to read more and try more of the recipes that I pin on Pinterest. Cooking just falls by the way side as a regular day to day chore with all that I have going on. I admire all the energy you put into presentation! I do subscribe to SHAPE. It is my favorite. Haven’t read the latest issue. In all the business of the world, I have stuck to my Wednesday Bodyflow class. It is awesome!
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted…Branding Your Blog in Your CommunityMy Profile

  9. Oh how I would give anything to spend a week at your house devoring the dinners you put together. Each one looks divine & delicious!!!
    Jessie recently posted…All-Pro Science Review/GiveawayMy Profile

  10. You always make the best LOOKING food. I can only imagine how it tastes! I also love chorizo and those eggs look amazing.
    I love that you can take yoga outside (when it’s warm!?) and crow pose is one of my absolute favs!
    Allie recently posted…What To Wear – Fitness EditionMy Profile

  11. Crow is hard! I loved that issue of Self. Good one. Oh, my, gosh, I am so wanting you to cook for me now. 🙂
    Carla recently posted…Goals…What Goals?My Profile

  12. As usual all your food looks delicious!! I love love LOVE salmon! YUM! And those workouts look so great! Look at you go with the crow pose!! Impressive 🙂
    Cailee Joy @ recently posted…7 Day DetoxMy Profile

  13. My favorite workout was a long run in glorious 60 degree weather. No one source for healthy recipes. I either cut out of magazines or bookmark on the net… I’ve gotten so many I haven’t tried them all yet. However, your orzo recipe looks great & would love to try it. I love anything with peppers.
    Karen – Fit in France recently posted…My body is loving meMy Profile