How to Make Easy, Healthy Meals For the Whole Week

Hi all!  I’ve got a really cool video for you today!  Recently I had the opportunity to attend an event with Urban Girl Squad featuring the Regal Vegan.  The event inspired me to put together this post, How To Make Easy, Healthy Meals for the Whole Week.

Personally, I think it is really difficult to make a healthy meal every night of the week but with a little bit of prep, you can eat healthy every single night of the week.  And for a special bonus round, I’ve thrown in some awesome, healthy lunch options for you too!  

Healthy Meals Collage

The key to prepping an entire week’s worth of healthy meals is to do as much as you can beforehand, which includes planning, shopping, chopping vegetables, cooking up some rice, grilling some chicken and getting everything ready so all you have to do is throw together a few things when you get home during the week.  Even if you don’t have a lot of time to plan, buying some healthy staples and doing a little bit of prep on the weekend will give you options during the week.

Luckily I’ve done a lot of the leg work for you here and provided you with the meal plans, grocery list and recipes!  Plus, I’m going to walk you through everything step by step in the video below.  So let’s make a week of healthy meals!


Meal Plan

Meal Plan

Grocery List

healthy meals grocery list

 Click here to get the recipes!

Readers, do you do meal prep?  Do you find it difficult to make a healthy meal each night of the week?  What tips do you have to make healthy eating easier?



  1. Yay love this!!! I love reading about what other people keep in their kitchen. I want to watch the video but will have to wait until I’m home from work ;(
    Davida @ The Healthy Maven recently posted…Mini Tempeh Pot PiesMy Profile

  2. I love this video! AND that you included your Mom too. Super cute! I am assuming that you will be sending this over to the CookingChannel to pitch your own show, right?

    I used to be really good a meal prep, but I hope to get back on it in the new year.
    Kimberly {Manifest Yourself} recently posted…Happy Holidays & Blog Reader SurveyMy Profile

  3. What a cool concept!

  4. Love the idea of planning and preparing healthy meals for an entire week…that would totally beat my system of hitting the grocery store every other day! ;) I am pinning this post right now!-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted…Dear Santa, Please Make My Children Smile On Command Just Once!My Profile

  5. We usually try to cook as many meals (or at least prep) as possible on Sunday nights because weeknights are usually really hectic and I don’t like going to the grocery store more than 1-2 times a week. I could definitely do better though…thanks for some new ideas!!
    Michelle recently posted…The PINcentive Blog Hop: Week 14My Profile

  6. Awesome idea for a post! I know that meal prep is a big part of maintaining a healthy diet for a lot of people.

    Since I work from home, I’m lucky in that I can meal prep during the day while working sometimes. For instance, the other day I threw sweet potatoes in the oven in the afternoon to cook, took em out and covered them with tin foil while I went to the gym and running errands, then came home and had them all ready to go!

    As far as meal planning goes, I’m a big believer in having your meals for the week figured out for the most part and then getting everything you need at the grocery store accordingly. Every couple weeks, I brainstorm new recipe ideas and go through cookbooks, write down what recipes I’m going to make, then come up with my food store list. Otherwise, I’d be all over the place, staring at my fridge starving post-workout, then probably just shoving random food in my mouth! Haha.
    Nicole recently posted…Cookbook Review: Jazzy Vegetarian ClassicsMy Profile

    • Thanks Nicole! At the absolute least I need to plan out my meals and buy all the groceries on the weekend otherwise I can’t survive. I find that this actually also gives me the opportunity to think about trying out new recipes!

  7. You and your mom are so cute! I loved the video and this idea. Those black bean and black rice burgers look awesome!

    I’m a huge fan of meal prep. I wouldn’t survive without it.
    Sarah @ Making Thyme for Health recently posted…Easy White Bean & Tomato Soup {vegan}My Profile

  8. I love this! This makes it so much easier to plan healthy meals ahead of time. Prep is a big part of eating healthy and really helps when you’re busy.
    Christie @ recently posted…5-4-3-2-1 At Home WorkoutMy Profile

  9. I love how you have everything all planned out! So organized!!
    Cailee Joy @ recently posted…Ebook Review: NourishedMy Profile

  10. The white bean dip is amazing! The black bean burgers could not be more beautifully, professionally prepared. Bon appetite–but be sure to give us some more plan ahead “meals for the week!” The idea of turning some of your dinner selections into lunchtime fare is a great time saver and deliciously-nutritious, too!

  11. Awesome post! Meal prep is so key to eating healthy….if it’s already done and ready it’s so much easier :)
    Paige@FitNotFad recently posted…The Best and Easiest Roast Chicken Recipe EverMy Profile

  12. Well just start a show why don’t you! You are too cute and you look just like your mom. Her kitchen is fabulous. This post took a lot of work. Very nice job!
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted…A Joy Box for You “Joi-Style”My Profile

  13. love your post! your so organized and prepared haha wish i was like that a bit more :P

    Xx Lotte
    lotte recently posted…Life gets boring when you stay within the limitsMy Profile

  14. so impressive! It’s always a challenge getting food for the week ready. Love how you have this organized.
    Amy Powell recently posted…Fueled by Cocktails // Vol. 2My Profile

  15. This is SO great!! I especially love the pre made grocery list. I’ll have to come back to watch the video but seriously, you just made my whole week THAT much easier. Thank you!!
    Allie recently posted…Is There Any Good Reason for Me to Join Pinterest?My Profile

  16. YES! I love, love, love the holidays for so many of the reasons you mentioned. I’m beyond excited for you for your trip to Australia…and bonus that you’re parents are coming too. What a great way to spend the holidays. I also had no clue about the Runway Dress thing. That is AWESOME! I’ll have to check it out asap. I always find so many great things here…like that Gingerbread – OMG I have never seen that. I’ll be on the lookout for sure!!
    Allie recently posted…Is There Any Good Reason for Me to Join Pinterest?My Profile

  17. LOVE prepping meals for the week. This video is so cute and fun, and look at that kitchen. Wow, hello counter space!
    I definitely cook loads of quinoa up for the week, as well as de-stem and wash my kale and other greens. I also make big batches of veggie stock on the weekend so I can have it on hand for cooking other grains, thinning sauces, or for soups.
    Mahealani @ Spending Time With Salad recently posted…Monday Mini’sMy Profile

  18. Great job on this post! Many people will benefit from a detailed plan to get them started. I remember when I first got into healthy eating and the most difficult part was learning to be prepared.

    PS I figured that was your mom! You are both so cute :) What a sweetie to support you so much!
    Elyse @ Lizzie Fit recently posted…My Top 10 Favourite Healthy Cooking ToolsMy Profile

  19. This is really fantastic Britt!! I have already pinned it on pinterest for later reference. I reallywant to try the pesto mozz, kale sammich, that sounds so good. What a beautiful kitchen too! Love that your mom makes a cameo. Awesome!
    Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama recently posted…Weekly Wednesday Workout: Flutter KicksMy Profile

  20. Yay, I love all of these great ideas! I think meal prepping is so helpful and vital for consistent healthy eating. I struggle with it sometimes because I have a bunch of kids to feed, but I always plan for leftovers so I can have easy, healthy lunches. I usually try to make dinners that the kids like and that are really healthy, but sometimes I’ll make something they love and I make a salad or protein shake for me!
    Melanie @ HappyBeingHealthy recently posted…Our Fun Trip to Park City, the Stein Eriksen Lodge and The ChateauxMy Profile

    • Having kids adds a whole other dimension! I am lucky that my husband will pretty much eat whatever I make and likes everything! I couldn’t deal with having to make separate meals. You’re lucky your kids love your healthy meals! :)

  21. This is wonderful! I’d gotten out of meal prep and this was so easy and simple. Don’t know why I’m making it into such a big deal.
    Carla recently posted…12/14: The SkinnyMy Profile

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