Toned Thighs and Lifted Buns: A New Barre Workout

Hi guys!  How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?  We had a nice relaxing weekend around these parts.  I convinced the Hubs to go for a run to get ready for the turkey trot we are running after Thanksgiving.  We made pretty good time and I only complained about the cold and having to run in general minimally. :) 


I also snagged this cool photo of the sunset so obviously I had to share!

City Sunset

Besides that it’s been a lot of relaxing and hanging out.  Football for the Hubs and catching up on projects for me!  I’ve also been working on my Italian, which the Hubs got me for my b-day this year.  So Bonjourno to you all!

Sunday afternoon

Remember when I was in Palm Springs earlier in October?  Well, the house we stayed at was so amazing that I couldn’t resist filming a workout by the pool.  I did this full-length barre workout without any equipment.  It was so much fun to film and I hope you enjoy trying it out.  Excuse the sunglasses.  It was so incredibly bright there!


Please remember a couple of things:

  • Please consult a physician before beginning this or any other workout.
  • Use of this video is at participant’s own risk and by viewing this video, you agree to release me from any liability for injury to person or property or otherwise.
  • Always work at your own pace.  This video is a guideline.
  • No copyright infringement is intended.  This video constitutes fair use.
  • Have fun! :)

Readers, what did you do this weekend?  Do you prefer having a lot of activities planned for the weekend or just relaxing?  Do you speak a second language?



  1. HiYa, Fit Britt! I do not SPEAK another language but I have a fair amount of fluency in American Sign Language or ASL; or, at least I did have a fair amount of fluency when I was communicating with the Deaf community. This weekend I went with my hubby on a 2.7 mile fast walk by the beach and into the land trust and Audubon trails. It was brisk and fun! Cute mocs on your feet along with your hubs feet–watching the NFL. Also, I appreciate the Barre work with our without a barre . . . along with sunsets.

  2. This is fantastic, that barre workout looks tough! But that background is just amazing!! I love the sunset photo too!! I can’t wait to try out the video!!

  3. Great scenery! Love your videos and subscribed to your channel. What do you use to shoot them?

    I am getting ready for an open house next weekend so I spent a lot of time spackling and doing touch up paint this weekend. I swear that’s a workout all on it’s own. I’m hoping our realtor has a lot of people coming because I’m working hard at this!

    • Thanks Carla! I just got a new camera, which I debuted with this video. It’s a Sony camcorder. I think its the HDR-CX380 but I would have to check because I can’t remember. I just spoke to the guy at the shop for awhile and chose based on what I wanted out of the camcorder.

      Spackling and touch up painting is definitely a workout! Good luck with the open house! I fully understand how hard you have to work for these things!

  4. That house was actually amazing as are your workouts and videos! And I love those weekends of just laying around. I had one of those weekends and it was actually the best!

  5. 1 – I love this video and plan to use it when I’m traveling and cannot get to a Bar Method class! Thanks! 2 – I love your fair use disclaimer…hahahaha.

    • Yay! So glad you like the video! I hope you do try it! I have to put that disclaimer because YouTube is so aggressive with music rights. I’m like guys, this totally constitutes fair use!!!!!!

  6. I get so excited for your videos. I will definitely be trying this one out asap. Thanks, girlie!

  7. Awesome video!! Love that you recorded this in such a beautiful spot! I’m going to have to remember this one when I am travelling!

  8. Cute purple top in your workout video!

  9. Beautiful sunset! It is always nice to fit in a little relaxation on the weekend. Good for you learning Italian too! Hopefully you can practice in Italy someday soon.

    That video looks like a good one. I’ll have to use that next time I feel like the bum is looking a little flat. 😉

  10. Love the workout! And the views….phew beautiful. I don’t know a second language but I teach 8th graders in Tucson AZ so I know a lot of bad Spanish words :)

  11. I’ve never tried Barre- I’m so excited that you filmed this and that it doesn’t require any equipment- awesome!!!

  12. Nice video, I definitely want to try it this week sometime!

    Yet another commonality of ours… wanting to be fluent in Italian!! I studied it in high school and college and studied abroad there, so for a bit I could hold a conversation pretty well, but I’ve pretty much since lost it. I remember a ton of words but can’t form sentences all that well. I studied up a bit when we went to Italy in September, but I SO would like to fluently speak it. Such a beautiful language!!

    • Oh you are much further along than me. I got the Rosetta Stone for my bday in Feb but I took a hiatus during the summer. I’m still only on Level 1. I hope I get better though!

  13. Ohhh, this video looks fun – what an amazing place to do it at, too! I don’t like being go-go-go all the time and if I am one weekend then I definitely keep it low key the next.

    In high school I took 2 years of Chinese – it was a hard language to learn, but I still know a few things!

  14. That atmosphere is perfect for that video! I was working last weekend so nothing much on my agenda. When I’m off, I like to stay busy. I don’t like that I have to work every other weekend so I value that off time. I try to take full advantage!

  15. Awesome class and playlist- would u mind posting your playlist??

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