Barre Week- Barre Workout Playlist

Happy weekend everyone!  Hope you are enjoying your Saturday!  I have a quick update: you may have heard of this new company called FitKit, which provides you with a customized vitamin regimen based on the company’s lifestyle and health quiz.  Well, they asked me to write an article for their blog so you can see me over there giving you tips about fitting fitness into your busy schedule.  Go check it out and like me or tweet me!!! 🙂

O.k., now for your final installment of Barre Week!  I’ve created a playlist to rock out to while trying out those new Barre moves you learned by watching my Learn the Moves demo!  Put these tunes on and you’ll be pulsing and tightening your way to a toned physique!*

Barre Week Playlist.001


* All songs can be found on iTunes.