Friday’s Food & Fitness

Hello friends! How was your week? Does it seem like summer is flying by? It always seems that way to be. I propose no more work days for the rest of the summer!

Welcome to Friday’s Food & Fitness! Let’s get started!

Food and Fitness Collage

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99 Days of Summer Update

Hello!  Fellow bloggers, is anyone having issues with WordPress?  I stopped getting emails when I get comments from all you lovely people!  It’s a major inconvenience because I LOVE reading your comments but even I don’t have time to sit on my blog all day and monitor it!  I rely on those emails so I know what is going on.  I’m majorly  bummed, mostly because I feel like I don’t have time right now to figure out what the heck is going on!  Anyone with insights please let me know!!

In other news, can you believe it’s July!  I feel like this summer is flying by!  I just love the summer so much.  It makes me so happy!  I’ve been trying to cram as much in as possible this summer and I’ve been doing great on my 99 Days of Summer checklist so I thought I would give you a little photo update!

99 days Collage.jpg

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Bridal Bootcamp

Hi friends!  Guess what!?  Today I’m guest posting over at Tulle Wedding Skirts about getting in shape for your big day aka Bridal Bootcamp!  Caitlin has been my friend since college so I’m excited to be chatting it up over there today!  I honestly loved every single part about my wedding from the prep to the big day itself and I really felt great walking down that aisle.  I hope you find my tips useful. Head over and check it out now!

bridal bootcamp.jpg

Readers, how did you get in shape for your big day?  What’s your favorite part about weddings?  How many weddings are you attending this summer?

Second Trimester: Halfway!

I can’t believe it but I’m halfway through my pregnancy!  How did that even happen?  That means the Baby is going to be here in 4.5 months!!!  Wait…that means the baby is going to be here in 4.5 months.  Cue panic mode.   Seriously, things have been going great and I’m excited to give you a little update on Baby B today!

12-14 Collage.jpg

All of our tests have been coming back a-okay so far and I’m happy with that!  Baby B is about 14 oz and the length of a banana or 6 ½ inches.

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Joyful July

I forgot it was July!  It just kind of snuck up on me so my monthly goal update is a little late!  Oh well!  July is a time to be joyful for sure!  I have a feeling that this month has a lot of great things in store!