I Heart Cooper

Hey there! Hope you have been having a fantastic weekend! We had some professional photos taken of little Coops and I’ve posted a few but I wanted to share some more on the blog. So get ready for a photo dump! :)


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Friday’s Food & Fitness

Hi friends!  How are you?  Happy Friday!  I hope you have some fun things planned for the weekend.  We don’t have anything big planned but hopefully a little R&R!

Welcome to this week’s Friday’s Food & Fitness!

Food and Fitness Collage

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A Day in the Life

Hi friends!  Way back when I was still pregnant with Cooper, I posted my first day in the life post and I thought I would do another for the sake of comparison.  Needless to say A LOT has changed! Here is a typical Wednesday or Friday.

5:50- Hear Coops fuss. Get up and feed him. Sweet boy slept a good 7 hours!

6:30- Coops falls asleep on my chest. So I swaddle him and put him back to bed.

7:30- Coops wakes up again. He is wet and needs a change.  We have a pee explosion and he pees everywhere. Twice! Ah well.

8- Once Coops is clean, we sit with him in our bed and have a chat. He is very chatty in the morning and loves to give us the rundown of what’s going on with him. He is alert and looking around. Lots of smiles.

9- After another feed and some cuddling, he is asleep again. I get us ready to go to Babies on Board by packing the baby bag and getting myself ready.

day in the life 1

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Mind/Body After Baby: Month 2

Hi!  So I know I just posted Month 1 of Mind/Body After Baby two weeks ago but I was late on that post due to the holidays.  So we are already to month 2!!  Cooper turned 2 months on Saturday and all I have to say is that time really does fly!  I feel like we brought him home just yesterday.

Cooper Month 2.2

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New York

I write this post with mixed emotions. We never really planned to move to NYC. We sort of just ended up here by chance. When the Hubs and I moved to the U.S. from Australia we initially landed in Massachusetts where my family is from. It was the Hubs’ job that landed us in NYC. 


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