A Day on the Train

Hello and happy Wednesday to all!  Yesterday I was so excited to meet up with my cousin for a day with our kids at Edaville Railroad.  I remember visiting there when I was a kid so I was excited to do something that was passing the torch to my son.  Plus, it was great to see my cousin and her two little boys who are close in age to Cooper.

Thomasland 9

I was also super excited to check out the Thomasland section of the toddler-aged theme park because Cooper has been really into “cars’ lately and apparently everything is a car (truck, tractor, train, you name it…).  He also recently started saying “choo-choo” and pulling his arm like a train conductor.  I die!  It is soooo adorable!

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Fit Fashion Club: Blogilates PopFlex

Hello hello! How was your weekend?  Saturday was spent at the beach .We headed to my SIL’s baby shower on Sunday! Good times were had by all!

IMG_0130 IMG_0134



I’m so excited today for the next installment of Fit Fashion Club!  I recently tried out the Blogilates PopFlex collection.  You may recognize Blogilates as a blogger, Pilates and YouTube sensation. She has breached out to activewear and I was excited to check out some of the pieces in her beautiful collection.

almond breeze almond milk 3

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Friday’s Food & Fitness: Barre Tour 2016

Hello!  Welcome to Friday’s Food & Fitness!  This has been such a crazy busy week.  I honestly don’t even remember everything I did.  But I do remember this little guy LOVING every minute of being outside with his Mimi and Pop Pop.

cooper 19 months at the beach

cooper 19 months beach

Friday's Food and Fitness

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The Best Summer Recipes

Hello hello!  How did you spend the longest day of the year?  We had a lovely dinner on our porch enjoying the late sun and I even put the baby down at 8pm instead of 7pm (lucky guy!).  One of my favorite things about summer is the food.  The food is always so fresh and delicious.  I get so excited when the summer issues of Cooking Light come out, I literally salivate over the pages.  Today I’m rounding up some of my all-time favorite summer recipes 

The Best Summer Recipes

8 Juice Recipes for Summer– Oh the joy of juicing!  I love fresh juices and these ones are a refreshing sip on a hot summer day.  The perfect afternoon pick-me-up!

Fourth of July Fiesta Feast – Featuring Lobster Cones, Panko Breaded Chicken, Grilled Potato and Chive Salad, Kale Salad and Roasted Corn.  A patriotic meal for a patriotic day!

Asian-Fusion Feast– I am obsessed with Southeast Asian cuisine and their tropical climate lends perfectly to the warms months here in the U.S.  This feast is full of flavor without being too harsh on the waistline.

Garden Fresh Recipes– Using fresh herbs and produce from the garden, these recipes play up to summer’s freshest ingredients.

Tomato Tart– This tart takes the freshest tomatoes and puts it together into a light tart recipe that is sure to be a crow pleaser!

Readers, what is your favorite summer recipe/meal?  Are you a fan of summer produce?  I love peaches and berries!  What inspires you in the kitchen?

Boca Raton, Florida

Hello hello!  Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday.  It’s been a crazy week!  Last Wednesday night we flew to Florida and then Sunday night we flew up to Cape Cod and we’ve been non-stop every time.  But we are finally settling in and I’m hoping to have Cooper back on his normal schedule soon (going to bed at 10pm, sleeping until 9am and then napping for three hours is NOT normal!).

We landed at 4:50am on Thursday in Miami and took a cab about an hour north to Boca Raton.  Although I’ve never been to Boca before, I had heard a lot of great things and as the sun rose we began seeing glimpses of huge, manicured mansions, palm trees and calm waters.

We pulled up to the Boca Raton Resort and Club to find a huge pink building adorned with water fountains and sculptures giving it a traditional Floridian feel.



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