Mom’s Day Out with Stitch Fix

Hey friends!  Sorry for the late post today.  Things have been so busy around here these last few days.  I have a pretty exciting announcement to make, so I’ll be sharing that with you soon. :)  Also, don’t forget that it’s already August (whhhaaaat!?) and you can join my Instagram challenge #FindYourFlexibility!  The posts have been coming in and they are so great.  The winner gets a piece of Momentum Jewelry, which is this amazing jewelry brand that has motivational sayings to help push you through your workout.  Check out my custom bracelet.  Love it!


So, on to today’s topic…clothes.  When I was working full-time I would typically wear a dress, a skirt or slacks and nice blouse all day and when I got home I would immediately change into workout gear because, let’s face it, it is the most comfortable and amazing thing to wear all the time.  Weekends I would usually go out to dinner or someplace fun that would require a few cute casual or date night outfits.  

These days I’m home all day with the little guy and I’m teaching classes so my options are yoga pants or capris.  Sometimes I will find myself living in workout gear all day long.  And while nothing beats a comfy pair of (opaque) Lulu Wunder Unders, I found myself feeling a bit blah from not having that routine of dressing up and going somewhere everyday.

So I decided to change that.  I ordered up a Stitch Fix (affiliate link) for myself and told my stylist that I wanted to look comfy and casual but also awesome.  No small task.  But my stylist, the same one from my last fix, did a great job!  I started feeling a little more Princess Kate instead of Jillian Michaels (don’t get me wrong, I would be her any day but I wanted to move away from workout clothes).

First up was this super cool asymmetrical tank.  I loved the black and white stripe pattern and the floral detailing on the sides and back (not pictured).  When I first saw it, I didn’t think it would be my style or really fit me but I think it might be my favorite piece from this fix!

stitch fix 3

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FFF: Barbell Workout Playlist

Hi all!  It’s Friday and the end of July.  I can’t believe August is right around the corner.  This summer is just flying by!  I’m going to keep it short and sweet today because we all want to get started with our weekends!

Food and Fitness Collage

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Throwback Thursday: Make Healthy Meals for the Week

I was actually totally looking for another post for today’s Throwback Thursday when I came across this gem!  I made a live cooking demo video for you all way back in November before I had a baby (time is no longer in years only in pre- and post- baby).  I thought it was a pretty valuable post so I’m bringing it back!  And if you are linking up today, please scroll to the end and add your link.  I’ll send you a whole bunch of love when I get back from teaching. :)

Throwback Thursday

Recently I had the opportunity to attend an event with Urban Girl Squad featuring the Regal Vegan.  The event inspired me to put together this post, How To Make Easy, Healthy Meals for the Whole Week.

Personally, I think it is really difficult to make a healthy meal every night of the week but with a little bit of prep, you can eat healthy every single night of the week.  And for a special bonus round, I’ve thrown in some awesome, healthy lunch options for you too!  

Healthy Meals Collage

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Find Your Flexibility

Hello hello!  Happy Wednesday.  I have a really exciting announcement today!  Even though I spend a lot of time working on my pilates and barre moves, which inherently incorporate a lot of stretching, I still find that since my dancing days, I’ve lost a bit of flexibility.  When I look at Cooper and see how he can get his foot in his mouth, I marvel at how much flexibility we have when we are born and how much we lose over time.  So, for the month of August, I’m committed to improving my flexibility.

Day 15

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Blogfest IDEA Conference 2015: What I Learned

Hi there!  So since I was sick on Friday I neglected to post by Blogfest IDEA Conference 2015: What I Learned.  And I NEED to post this because, quite frankly, I learned a lot!  So grab a paper and a pencil or your smart phone and let’s get ready to take some notes!

blogfest 2

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