Having a Baby & Living Abroad

I am extremely interested in babies lately because I had my first one just five short/long months ago.  I can’t decide if the five months have flown by or if my baby is secretly growing in dog years because on the one hand it seems like just yesterday he was born but when I look at photos from the first few weeks of his life, I don’t even recognize him (or myself for that matter!).

Cooper Michael Bendall entered this world on November 17, 2014, much to the delight of his parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins and so on and so on.  After ten long months of waiting, the little guy finally arrived.  You would think with all that time waiting for my little baby I would have been prepared to be a mother but I honestly don’t think anything can prepare you for the emotional roller coaster called motherhood.IMG_4289-2

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Throwback Thursday: How to Start Your Own Fitness Business

Hi friends!  So I don’t normally post on Thursdays anymore, but I had an idea awhile back (like two days ago) to start a Throwback Thursday series on the blog.  Other bloggers, you probably know and understand how much hard work goes into a post and after a day or two, it floats off into the internet abyss never to been seen or heard from again.  Well, I’ve been blogging for almost three years now and I’ve built up a pretty good arsenal of posts so I’m bringing ’em back for ya!  Every Thursday I’m going to be featuring a post that has already been published on My Own Balance.  I hope this series will introduce new readers to some of my older posts and maybe remind old readers of some tips or recipes or workouts they saw awhile ago but forgot about.

I though with my recent announcement about opening a barre studio, that this post from October 2013 was most appropriate: How to Start Your Own Fitness Business.  Enjoy! (Please note that Urban Girl Squad and Re: AB are both now closed–so maybe this isn’t a good post?  Actually both of the founders decided to move on and do other things).

In October, I attended an event hosted by Urban Girl Squad called Career Insights: Starting Your Own Fitness Business.  The speaker for the event was Brooke Siler, a renowned Pilates instructor and owner of Re:AB, a popular workout-to-the stars Pilates studio in NYC.  She has authored several books, including The Pilates Book (Amazon affiliate link), which I bought waaaaaay back when it came out in early 2000s.  The book has sold over a million copies.  So obviously Brooke knows her stuff and I’m excited to share with you the insights I learned on starting your own fitness biz.



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Mind/Body After Baby: Month 6

Where did the time go?  Basically from the moment you are pregnant until you have the child, everyone constantly tells you that “they grow so fast” or “they are only babies for a short time.”  I think most first time moms agree that when people tell you this, you think they are insane.  All you can see is a haze of late night feedings, endless diaper changes and a companion that constantly cries and for some strange reason, never wants you to have a shower.  And then, POUF, in a blink of an eye, everyone was right.  Your tiny little newborn is somehow eating solids, trying to learn to crawl and developing an actual personality.  I have no idea how we already got here, but here we are and it just keeps getting better!

Cooper 6 months

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Let’s Cook: Indian Cooking Class

Hi there!  How has your day been so far?  The little guy had his shots yesterday so we are just taking it easy over here.  I was amazed how quickly he bounced back after getting the shots.  He cried but was fine like two minutes later.  Totally happy as can be.

It’s strange for me being a SAHM and not heading into the office everyday (side note–I totally started to write SATC instead of SAHM.  Oh Freud.)  I have so much more time on my hands and yet, sometimes I blink and the day is over.  One of the great things about having a bit more time on my hands is I can occasionally sneak off to an event in the middle of the day.  Like last week when I headed out to a Let’s Cook cooking class featuring an Indian menu.  

Indian Cooking Class 1

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Gaiam for Kohl’s: Affordable Fitness Fashion

Kohl’s provided me with the tops featured in this post free of charge.  All of the opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own!

Hi there!  First of all, thank you all so much for the wonderful words of support on Friday’s post!  I am so excited and it meant so much to me that so many of you were so encouraging.  It is a huge step for me and I’m hoping for the best! :)  Bloggers are seriously the best people.

Case in point- Other health and fitness bloggers totally get my obsession with fitness clothing.  I have more drawers in my closet dedicated to workout wear than any other types of clothing.  While most people relish in buying a new dress or new shoes, I love finding some awesome capris for a spin class or a super cute top to wear to pilates. 

Although I have to admit that fitness clothing prices can get a little out of control.  $100 for a pair of yoga pants is a little bit crazy!  That’s why I was super excited to learn that Gaiam and Kohl’s have teamed up to create cute, accessible workout clothes for under $75.  I am a true believer that living a healthy lifestyle is something that should be available to everyone, regardless of income level and I love that this collection is helping families stay active and look great doing it!

Gaiam for Kohl's

If you are not familiar with Gaiam (first of all, crawl out from under the rock where you’ve been living), they are a huge yoga brand that has everything from videos to clothing to yoga mats.  Their products are extremely high quality so I knew that the line designed for Kohl’s was going to be great!

Sure enough, I tried three tops from their new spring line and not only were they stylish, they felt great in all my yoga poses.

Gaiam for Kohl's

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