Friday’s Food & Fitness: Downunder!

Hello from downunder! Where do I even begin!? How about with how much I love Australia and the fact that I’m typing this right now at a cafe on the beach overlooking the ocean waiting for my iced coffee and green juice. #weshouldallmove

curl curl


Also, I need to start by thanking you all for sending Cooper such lovely birthday wishes! He is such a lucky little guy.

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Cooper’s First Birthday

Happy birthday Cooper!  We celebrated Cooper’s first birthday over the weekend with a little cake and some friends and family on Pete’s side.

family photo

We finally got a family photo together even if Cooper’s hand was in his mouth! :)  Our present to the little fella was that shirt he is wearing because I hear 1 year olds are huge fans of clothes for their birthdays.  But seriously, he got so many toys and presents, he really didn’t need anything from us.

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Cooper Turns One

Hello!  So the day has finally arrived…my baby has turned one!  It has honestly gone by so fast.  I know everyone says to you that “kids grow up so fast” and “enjoy this time because it goes so fast” but it really truly does.  The change in just one year is striking and I can’t believe that I no longer have a baby but a toddler!

one year

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Hello from Sydney!  We arrived Sunday evening after a very very very long flight from Brazil.  Let me tell you, flying with a two month old versus an almost one year old are two totally different cans of beans.  For example, a two month old is still and sleepy and cries when hungry or wet.  An eleven month old needs constant entertainment, wants to move at all times, refuses to go to sleep because there are too many fun things to look at and cries simply because he is bored/isn’t getting what he wants (to crawl along the aisles) and generally makes it impossible to sleep on a 14 hour flight.  In 14 hours, I maybe slept 3?  Oy vey.  But we are here!


One thing that helps me get through long flights is music.  Just listening to music can help me zone out and relax.  I’ve always been hugely driven by music because of my background in ballet and dance.  In fact, one of the reasons I love group fitness classes over just working out on my own in the gym is because the classes are often choreographed to music, which I find to be super motivating.  At home, I’m always curating playlists for my own workouts and my classes I teach.

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FFF: No Excuses!

Hello hello!  It’s that time again!  Friday’s Food & Fitness is here.  Tell me the best thing you ate this week and I’ll tell you mine!  Join me for a fun rundown of the week and something special for you!

Food and Fitness Collage

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